about us

Sweet Tart Boudor started in San Francisco four years ago with two good friends:  Karina and Kelley.  We were looking for a better solution to sexy photographs for our very own boyfriends and came up with the idea to mix classic pinup with modern conceptions of fashion and beauty.  Since then Karina has returned to her native Los Angeles and heads the Los Angeles division of Sweet Tart, while Kelley continues the business in San Francisco.  We do, however, manage all shoots together and try as often as we can to visit each other and work on shoots together!

Since Sweet Tart began we have produced numerous shoots for anniversaries, wedding gifts, bachelorette parties, Valentine's Day and holiday gifts, and just for the sake of seeing how damn good you look in photos! 

We will shoot either in our studio or make arrangements to travel to your home.  We haven numerous backdrops and props available in studio.  Shooting in the home, however, allows for the  option of many familiar "sets" such as bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms, that can make for fun and interesting shots.  Our studio in Los Angeles is located in downtown LA, and our studio in the Bay Area is in Walnut Creek.

Sweet Tart is also trained in graphic design and we believe in seeing your pictures through to the final product. We help our clients create a one of a kind memento or gift for their special someone. We can create anything from simple prints to magnets, stationery, calendars, mock magazines, and even hardcover books--anything you can dream up! 

* We highly recommend sexy lingere, champagne, and heart pumping music.